Services and Solutions

Shim welding

One of our products is high accuracy laser cutting of shims, followed by recombination of several shims into one large shim by laser welding, thus we are capable of forming one large area micro-patterned nickel (Ni) shim to overcome the typical size limitations of masters for Ni electroplating, or the electroplating process itself. Our core technology is manufacturing of micro-/nanopatterned hollow Ni shim cylinders (or sleeves as we call them), where we recombine high accuracy laser cutted micro-/nanopatterned Ni shims into a single row and weld ends together accurately, and thus form a micro-/nanopatterned hollow cylinder with extremely tight circumferential tolerances. These ‘sleeves’ are then assembled at production site easily onto a print cylinder without any double sided adhesive tapes. This technology was developed in early 2000 and has been in full production since 2009. We have produced over 1500 sleeves.

Application examples:

  • UV-NIL
  • Hot embossing
  • Microfluidics
  • Optics
  • Nanopatterning


  • Max. size 2000mm x 1600mm (diameter 500mm)
  • Ni (shim) thickness 100-300μm
  • Welding seam width standard: 120μm
  • enhanced <30μm
  • Accuracy <10μm
Standard seam
Smoothened seam and cut line

MKF 2000 High Precision Laser Welding System for Sleeves and Sheets

Narrow web R2R converting and printing machine development

The SAMPO Lab2Fab converting and printing machine is modular R2R machine, which is built on a rigid mechanical structure, which has room for different types of printing units such as screen, gravure, flexo, hot embossing and various coating technologies and nanoimprinting. Between the printing units there is room for different types of dryer/heating modules.

The SAMPO Lab2Fab converting and printing machine has an easy to use via versatile touch screen user interface for the control of speed, configuration and other important parameters.

The SAMPO Lab2Fab converting and printing machine has lamination unit to support the R2R packaging of the printed web. All machines are customized but are built using standard modules.

Applications include:

  • Sensors
  • Printed electronics and optics
  • Microfluidics
  • Printed rapid tests
  • Medical electrodes
  • Ink development

Embossing cylinder development

Embossing units

  • Design and manufacturing
  • Electrical and oil based heating
  • Emboss cylinder with air holes
  • Counter pressure cylinders with different coatings and hardnesses
  • Compressed air, hydraulics or EMC based nip pressure