Forget production breaks due to sticky coating in shim gaps. Forget clumsy double side adhesive tape assemblies. Change shims rapidly and easily.



Max. size 1000mm x 1300mm (flat or cylindrical)
Ni (shim) thickness 100-300μm
Welding seam width (standard <250μm, enhanced <30μm) (see picture above)
Accuracy 10μm

One of our products is high accuracy laser cutting, followed by recombination of several shims into one large shim by laser welding, thus we are capable of forming one large area micro-patterned nickel (Ni) shim to overcome the typical size limitations of masters for Ni electroplating, or the electroplating process itself. Our core technology is manufacturing of micro/nano-patterned hollow Ni shim cylinders (or sleeves as we call them), where we recombine high accuracy laser cutted micro/nano-patterned Ni shims into a single row and weld ends together accurately, and thus form a micro/nano-patterned hollow cylinder with small circumferential tolerances. These ‘sleeves’ are then assembled at production site easily onto a print cylinder without any double sided adhesive tapes. This technology was developed in early 2000 and has been in full production since 2009.
Application examples:
*Hot embossing