Rapid testing and optimization of microfluidic designs.


MK Fluidics is a rapid diagnostic test and reader device contract development and manufacturing company. We have specialized in the development of new manufacturing processes for microfluidic life science products. Technology and manufacturing is based on printing and hybrid manufacturing of microfluidics, reagents, electronics, optics and optoelectronics, and their integration into lab-on-a-chips. MK Fluidics is a spin off company from VTT.


Microfluidic prototyping - μfluidic3.0

Polymer microfluidic prototyping, development, transfer to production, and manufacturing. 

Typical Specifications

Delivery time:                              <8 week
                                                (faster on request)
Number of designs in one run:       up to 30 (microscope slide size)
                                                up to 12 (credit card size)
                                                up to 6 (microtiter plate size)
Number of layers:                        1 to 2
Total available area for designs:     20cm x 40cm
Lot size:                                     30 - 500 chips
                                                (more on request)
Channel width:                            50 μm to 400 μm (±15%)
Channel depth:                            35 μm to 55 μm (±10%)
Materials (In stock):                     PMMA
                                                (other materials on request)
Material thickness:                       125 μm, 375 μm
Access hole size:                         1 mm to 5 mm (±10%)
Surface roughness:                       In channel Ra<20nm
                                                Outside Ra<80nm

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